The Astro Turf  Field is 36m Long and 18m wide, with distinctive markings such as :

  • Halfway Lines
  • Centre Circle
  • Goal Lines
  • Goalkeepers Box
  • Lines along the side walls ( for 3 second rule)
  • Corner arched lines



  • Mens League – low bounce astro turf ball ( Size 4 )
  • Ladies League – low bounce astro turf ball ( Size 4 )
  • Kiddies League – low bounce astro turf ball ( Size 3 )



  • Maximum of 10 players per team /squad
  • Maximum of 6 players per team ( incl Goalkeeper) may take the field of play
  • Minimum of 4 players per team ( incl Goalkeeper) may take the field of play to start a game.
  • Rolling Substitutions will apply
  • Substitute may only enter field when player being substituted leaves the field
  • During process of substitution, no contact with the ball from either the substitute or player being substituted will be allowed.
  • A penalty may be awarded to the opposing team should the offending team have more than the stipulated amount of players on the pitch.
  • Referee can at his own discretion ask a player to leave the field of play for assessment/ treatment for injury, blood or concussion.
  • Referee will have the final decision as to whether the affected person can re-enter the field of play.


  • Opposing teams to wear different colour tops ( jerseys or bibs)
  • All outfield players from same team to wear the same colour tops( jerseys or bibs)
  • Goalkeeper to wear a different colour to outfield players.
  • ALL Players must wear shinguards.
  • Goalkeepers must use gloves.
  • Only footwear suitable for astro turf must be used. NO outdoor Soccer/Rugby Boots allowed.
  • No jewellery or other accessories allowed. If unable to remove Jewellery , it must be adequately taped up.



  • One Referee per game who will control the match process and ensure that the rules are followed .
  • The Referees decision is FINAL
  • The Referee has( at his discretion) the right and power to :
  • Award /disallow a goal
  • Suspend /terminate a game
  • Stop the clock
  • Prohibit field entry / order anyone to leave the field
  • Summon higher authority
  • Referees will not tolerate violent conduct , abusive or racist 



  • League Matches are 40 min in total ( 2 equal halves of 20 minutes each).
  • A half time of 3-5 minutes ( at referees discretion) will be allowed.
  • Teams to ensure they arrive at least 15 mins before kick-off to ensure that they start on time
  • Matches that start late will be terminated as per scheduled time.
  • Team that arrives late will be docked 3 goals


  • Referee decides as to which team will start play at kick off (either by coin toss or at his discretion).
  • Team not having kick off at start of play will kick off 2nd half .
  • Teams will switch sides after half time.
  • Play restarts after each goal with a kick off by team conceding the goal.
  • Where open play is interrupted by a technical foul  or any other reason , referee will  indicate which  team is  in possession and restart play accordingly as per rules of the game( dropped ball , free kick, penalty etc)



  • Ball must be stationary before playing ball to a teammate
  • All opposing players must be a minimum of 2m away from the ball.
  • All Hand ball offences are considered direct free kicks
  • No “Two on One” tackling allowed ( as per Referees discretion)
  • No sliding tackles allowed
  • No tackles from behind  allowed
  • No “high Boot “ kicks or interceptions allowed( as per referee  discretion)
  • No swinging of arms /elbows against opposing players allowed.
  • No “hanging” on nets or holding on to boards for support .
  • If free kick is conceded in own half , then defending team to move out of the direct path to goal to enable a clear”free  shot”  at goal.
  • Should The team awarded the” free shot” kick in opponents half decide to take a direct shot ,they can only take a direct shot at goal, and not play off the side walls to a team mate.
  • If team awarded the “free shot”kick in opponents half decide to pass to a team mate instead of shoot to goal, they are only allowed to pass diagonally or backward ,and not pass straight toward goal.
  • All players to stand out of the Goalkeepers box. They may only enter the box once ball has rebounded of the posts, bar , netting or wall
  • If the defending team enters the box before the rebound the “free shot”  will be retaken by attacking team
  • If the attacking team enters the box before the rebound ,a free kick will be awarded to the defending team goalkeeper or outfield player.
  • The Defending Team Goalkeeper has to have at least one foot on the goal line while the “free shot” is in play .Upon the referees whistle ,the goalkeeper may move off his line.


  • Illegal Back pas to the Goalkeeper occurs when :
  • A team passes the ball back  directly to their goalkeeper when they have been awarded a free kick. This will result in an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
  • The Goalkeeper handles the ball from a direct pass from a team mate ( Goalkeepers are allowed to pick up ball if it bounced off the wall).
  • Goalkeeper may not hold on to the ball for longer than 5 seconds after handling the ball.
  • Goalkeepers may not throw the ball directly over the half way line. if this happens, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick on the half way line. Goalkeepers are however allowed to kick the ball over the half way line.


  • The following will result in a Penalty Kick
  • Deliberate handball by the defending team ( Referee will use his discretion in adjudging handballs)
  • Slide tackling by the defending team’s outfield players ( Goalkeeper is allowed to come out to intercept the ball). If contact is made by the Goalkeeper then a penalty may be awarded to the attacking team ( at Referee’s discretion).
  • Two footed tackle ( goalkeeper included)
  • Tackle from behind ( goalkeeper included)
  • Pushing , bodychecking or any action deemed to be an infringement by referee.
  • Method of taking a Penalty Kick.
  • Ball is placed on the penalty spot.
  • The penalty taker must have one foot planted on the ground next to the stationary ball.
  • Penalty taker has 2 seconds to take the penalty once Referee has blown the whistle .
  • Goalkeeper has to have at least one foot on the line. He may move off the line once ball has been kicked ( ball is in play)
  • The following will result in a 5 second running penalty kick
  • When the attacking player is tackled by more than one player while having control of the ball in the defending teams box or when the referee has awarded such penalty at his discretion.
  • Method of taking a 5 second Penalty
  • Ball is placed anywhere on the halfway line.
  • Attacking Player has 5 seconds with which to run with ball and shoot/attempt to score.
  • Referee will blow whistle to indicate attacker to begin.
  • Members of both teams to wait on halfway line for 5 seconds after the whistle has blown before joining play



The Ball is considered in play unless the referee blows whistle to indicate :


Technical Infringement


Stop play by referee at his discretion.


  • A goal will considered valid if The whole of the ball has crossed over the goal line , between the goal posts and underneath the crossbar.
  • A goal may not be scored directly from a kick off or a restart ( except in direct free kick situation)



Leagues will operate on a 3 card  system. Referees may show the offending player any of these cards at his discretion.

  • BLUE CARD – If a player commits any the following fouls :
  • Kicking opponent
  • Tripping opponent
  • Charging /Pushing opponent

       Once a player has been showed a blue card , his/her team will play a member short for 3 mins.

  • YELLOW CARD – If a player commits of the following fouls :
  • Kicking opponent
  • Tripping opponent
  • Charging /Pushing opponent
  • 2nd Blue Card
  • Holding an opponent
  • Handling the ball in field of play ( except goalkeeper in own goal box)
  • Dangerous Play
  • Obstructing an opponent
  • Preventing Goalkeeper from receiving ball into his hands


  Once a player has been showed a yellow  card , his/her team will play a member short for 7 mins.

  • RED CARD – If a player commits the following offences  :
  • Excessively dangerous play/tackling
  • Pushing opponents onto walls.
  • 2nd Yellow card
  • Vulgarity /Swearing at the referee or match officials
  • Physical Assault on any player, official, spectator
  • Deliberate damage to ball , nets, court and related equipment.

Once a player has been showed a RED  card , his/her team will play a member short for the rest of  the match. In addition , the League Committee have the right to suspend red carded play for a period of 2  calendar weeks ( immaterial if player plays  more than once a week or for other teams on different nights)
















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