Infiniti Auto Premier League



Walkovers vs Mia San Mia
5 Experience vs Walkovers
5 Experience vs Snake Blood
One Love FC vs 5 Experience
One Love FC vs Snake Blood
Walkovers vs Mia San Mia
5 Experience vs Snake Blood
Walkovers vs Snake Blood
Snake Blood vs Mia San Mia
One Love FC vs Zulumke
Zulumke vs Mia San Mia
One Love FC vs 5 Experience
One Love FC vs Walkovers
5 Experience vs Walkovers
Zulumke vs Snake Blood
One Love FC vs Walkovers
5 Experience vs Mia San Mia
Mia San Mia vs Snake Blood
One Love FC vs Zulumke
5 Experience vs Zulumke
5 Experience vs Zulumke
Mia San Mia vs Snake Blood
Walkovers vs Zulumke
One Love FC vs Mia San Mia
One Love FC vs Mia San Mia


Astroplex Premier League

45 Experience51134149-84
6Panna FC00000000
6Preeno Boyz FC00000000


Top Goalscorer – Premier

Cohen5 Experience13
MlamudiOne Love FC11
ShaiOne Love FC11
SeedatMia San Mia9
ThabangSnake Blood8
PeleOne Love FC7
JameelMia San Mia6
BarkerSnake Blood5
Caleb5 Experience5
NyamboOne Love FC4






Registration Fee : R350

Game Fee : R350

Please arrive 15 minutes before kick off to sort out match day payments Games will only kick off once both teams has paid the game fee


Each team is allowed 1 postponement per season

Postponements need to be made 24hrs prior to kick off time

Should a team fail to pitch for the fixture without reason , this will result in the team receiving a forfeit and still having to pay the MATCH FEE


  • Games consist of 20 minutes a half
  • Teams consist of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10
  • 5 Players plus a goalkeeper may be on the field at once, with up to 4 substitutes who may substitute in for another player at anytime.
  • No tackling a player from behind. This results in a free kick.
  • No bicycle or scissor kicks allowed. This will be deemed as dangerous play, and a free kick will be awarded to the opposition.
  • No slide tackling, sliding for interception, or any form of sliding will be permitted.
  • Sliding offences will result in a yellow card being issued.
  • No two-on-one tackles


  • Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up from a direct back pass.
  • An Intentional direct back pass to keeper (and handling of the ball) will result in a direct free kick outside the box.
  • Goalkeepers may pick up a back pass if it is played off the rebound side walls (excludes back wall), or if it last came of the head or chest of a team mate.
  • Goalkeepers may only handle the ball in the demarcated goal box .
  • The goalkeeper has 5 seconds to distribute the ball once picked up. Failing to do so will result in a penalty
    spot kick given to the opposing team.
  • The goalkeeper may slide anywhere within his designated box. (No studs up).
  • The goalkeeper may not drag the ball from outside his box back in and pick it up, nor
    will a goalkeeper be allowed to place the ball down and pick it up again. Should either of these offences occur, a penalty spot kick will be given
  • 2-on-1 challenges are allowed in the box provided one of the two defending players is
    the goalkeeper.
  • The goalkeeper may score a goal from his/her penalty box, provided the ball was played on the ground.
  • No throw-in goals are allowed.


  • A player in possession of the ball may not carry that ball backwards for more than two
    steps in an attempt to win a free kick from a “challenge from behind”.
  • Players may not hold on to the nets or the side boards (wall) that surrounds the pitch.
  • Failure to do so will result in a free kick being awarded at the spot where the offence
    was committed.
  • Outfield players may not handle the ball at any time. Handball includes the entire arm
    up to (but not including) the shoulder.


  • Two sets of lines are painted in each corner of the field , 5 seconds is allowed for the
    player in the corner with the ball , space should be given by opposition
  • 3 second rule when player is in the white line on the two sides of the field , opposition
    cannot tackle when the ball is in the line and a player has it

One footed penalties . The goalkeeper is not allowed to move off his/her goal line until
the ball has been kicked by the penalty taker.

Green Card:
Players need to make a sub. 2 minutes out

Yellow Card:
The player is suspended from the game for 5 minutes but may be substituted after the 5 minutes

Red Card:
The player is suspended for the remainder of the game. Team plays with a player down

During a free kick:

  • The opposition player(s) must be a minimum of 2m away from the ball.
  • Only a one man wall will be allowed.
  • The player may shoot for goal directly.
  • The player cannot pass the ball to himself and continue with play, he must pass to a team mate.
  • The player cannot use any wall to pass to himself from a free kick.


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